Avviso News

The site tutorial : avviso.news
The twitter : avviso_news

Part 1: The Beginnings

This is a project I have been working on for months. It actually started a few years back during the Israel and Gaza conflict. Watching the news, I noticed how the story only mentioned the fact that the Israeli missles killed civilians but did nothing to tell about the weapons harbored in those buildings. It made me think, there should be a news source that is non partisan, where the user not only gets the facts, but can learn different views, therefore being able to choose their own. The site started as a place for all news, but after realizing that approach was too broad, I switched to covering just the 2016 election.

This became the message of the site and as the site was being developed, it became a site where users post the news. I summarize this idea with the phrase, “News for the people, by the people”.

Part 2: The Creation

This site, like every one I have made before used Ruby on Rails. This site tied together skills I have been learning for years and included learning some new ones as well.

    Skills I Used Already Known

  • Database Relationships
  • Web Scraping-(Searches sources posted for the best image possible)
  • Regular Expressions
  • Devise and user authentication
  • Heroku
  • Ajax

    New Skills Learned

  • Nested Comments / Ancestery
  • Reputation / Voting System
  • Log functions to rank items-(time since created versus votes)
  • DNS Setting
  • Automatic color contrasting

Making the site took a few months of on and off working, and is still getting better every day.

Part 3: The Plan

I already started the twitter account and have 11 followers as of now. This may not seem like a lot, but these are people who are actively engaging with the account and will probably become users. The user count for the website at the moment is 14 with all users being people I know. The goal for now is to make all the posts and comments myself until people begin doing it. No one wants to go to a blank website. I am going after users who are politically active who will hopefully become active users on the site. The idea is to create a community that will use the site often and then to go after site readers who may occasionally post something. It will take time for the site to grow, but I am ready for the journey.