I met Max a few months ago at ACM (programming club) and joined his group that was building out his idea for a new sports website called ScoreKeepers. After working with a small team on building it React, I talked to Max and he decided to let me build it myself in Rails. I then enlisted the help of Tim Noto to help with the backend. Max didn’t know a thing about programming but he learned quickly and was awesome in helping design the front end.

The goal of Scorekeepers is a sports platform where users can post articles, vote on article/teams/coaches/stadiums, and have debates with other fans on the site. The idea is a sports platform where users create the content and vote on what they think as fans.

What I learned:

  • Rails: I have made other sites in Rails but this was by far the biggest project I have done. The largest challenge in the building was creating a way for users to easily write and post articles. After hours of searching, we decided on using an open source WYSIWYG editor that we had to play around with a lot and integrate Clouindary image uploading. It ended up being super easy to use.
  • Teamwork: This is the first project I had to work on with other people which was hard to get used to. I had to actually document code and use a lot of git features I haven't used before like merging (a lot of merging and branches). Furthermore we all had to be on the same page about what was happening in each page and why we were making certain choices.
  • Design: This was very important because the goal was to get real sports fans and bloggers onto the site and posting. If the layout wasn't intuitive there are many other places to post their articles.
  • Marketing/Startup: I sent out hundreds of emails,DMs, etc. to sports bloggers across many websites to try to get people to post on the site. Hopefully they post!

Take a look!