Wingman App

Over the past few years I have been teaching myself iOS development and the Swift language. I haven’t made a real large project for an app yet but I decided to make one when I thought of Wingman. Wingman is an app where you can anonymously put two friends into a chat and see the first few messages they say to each other. You’re probably thinking, Andrew what’s the point of that? And there really isn’t a point. Its just something kind of dumb to screw around with. The only main purpose I thought of would be for middle schoolers to start drama by putting friends into chats with other girls or guys they like.

I built out the iOS app and did a beta on test flight. I also purchased a logo on Fiverr to round out the app.

What I learned:

  • Firebase: This is the first time I have used Firebase and it was a great experience. I utilized the phone auth to login users and then used the realtime database to store user data. Also I used Firebase functions to automate some tasks and get them off the client side.
  • Push Notification: I went through the process of push notifications, certificates, and that whole mess to finally just get those beautiful pushes. I hosted a quick web server that handled sending out the push notification with the certificate.
  • Design: I had to make this app look nice because I wanted people to actually use it. I used a pretty minimal design but had to actually make nice looking buttons and flow that made sense for users.

P.S. Shoutout to Max Janik and Tim Noto for helping me work on the idea and planning out how to position the app.

Take a look!